Paid Media

There are plenty Bitcoin sites with good Bitcoin traffic.

The first thing clients want is good Bitcoin traffic.

BUT not all Bitcoin traffic is created equal! We sift through the dirt to ensure our clients don’t burn their budgets on the wrong Bitcoin traffic. REMEMBER quality over quantity = you will either get the inside scoop or you will pay the price to find out.

BUT the best does not have to cost the most. We have already done the negotiating for you scoring you up to 30% discounts on the top sites traffic.

Rev Share Deals

The good news is that there are plenty good sites that don’t take upfront fees and have quality traffic. These sites however request rev share deals on your services and some can expect very high deals.

Furthermore, because they do not charge upfront charges, the best inventory is very difficult to get onto.

We have excellent relationships with these sites and this allows our clients top positions with the best deals.

PR and Marketing

To bring all the magic together, our clients will have a great team backing them up and ensuring the best PR and marketing.

We offer the full spectrum of marketing services from design and content to retention and acquisition campaigns.


4 King Media is all In

Power and Exclusive

We originally went ALL OUT to offer services to any clients interested in Bitcoin. We took some big guys to the top and some new guys through the pack.

We then decided to focus on the best of the bunch, with the best teams and potential. Now we are ALL IN with our Power 20 Pack with 7 positions still available.


We like to work as close as possible with all our clients and sites no matter where they are.

EXPECT unprecedented royal treatment.


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